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You prefer to explore the wilderness without a guide? Nature Tours of Yukon can help you with everything you need to make your adventure a success.

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There are so many rivers, possibilities and options that we only have room for a few examples of the most popular rivers. Please contact us with your specific dates and requests!

canoe renatal whitehorse1 week

Price per Canoe 236.00
Spray Deck 165.00
Throw Bag   26.00

Complementary safe storage of luggage/equipment in Whitehorse with all canoe rentals.

Examples of rental packages.

A rental package includes: "Old Town Discovery", "Mad River" or "Nova Craft" canoe (2 people per canoe) with 2 life jackets, 3 paddles, 2 painter lines, 1 bailer, 1 bear spray and 2 waterproof barrels.

Yukon River

  • Whitehorse to Carmacks - 7 days - $236.00*
  • Carmacks to Dawson City - 8 days - $275.00*
  • Whitehorse to Dawson City - 15 days - $465.00*

*Price does not include transportation to Carmacks and from Carmacks or Dawson City to Whitehorse

Teslin River/ Yukon River

  • Johnson's Crossing to Carmacks - 9 days - $310.00*
  • Johnson's Crossing to Dawson City - 16 days - $490.00*

*Price does not include transportation to Johnson's Crossing and from Carmacks or Dawson City to Whitehorse

Big Salmon River/ Yukon River

  • Quiet Lake to Carmacks - 12 days - $410.00*
  • Quiet Lake to Dawson City - 18 days - $540.00*

*Price does not include transportation to Quiet lake and from Carmacks or Dawson City to Whitehorse

||Ask us for a personal quote on rentals to any river destination. We're happy to accommodate your needs.||

Note: All prices are in Canadian Dollar and subject to GST.

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to or from the destination of your choice: All prices include the transport of equipment and canoe(s) for your trip and assistance with loading and putting in your canoe(s). Costs can vary and depend on your destination and the number of people traveling. Rates for the most popular destinations are posted below. Don’t hesitate to ask us for any other transfer destination.                      

transfer only km 1-4 pers. 5-7 pers.
Whitehorse-Carmacks 180 $420 $495
Whitehorse-Johnston's Crossing 130 $315 $350
Whitehorse-Lake Laberge 50 $160 $180
Whitehorse-Nisutlin Landing 205 $515 $570
Whitehorse-Quiet Lake 230 $595 $660
Whitehorse-Teslin 185 $430 $475


These are transfer-only prices. Please contact us for a personal quote on any transfer combined with (canoe) rentals; discounts may apply.

If your canoe trip starts in Whitehorse (on the Yukon River) or you fly out of Whitehorse to the put-in of your trip, the transfer from your accommodation to the river or float plane base is included in your canoe rental.   

Don't need a transfer back to Whitehorse after your river trip? You can leave the equipment in Carmacks ($ 50.00 per canoe) or Dawson City ($ 100.00 per canoe).canoe transportation-Whitehorse Yukon

All prices are in Canadian Dollar and subject to GST

Air Transportation
We cooperate with a number of aviation companies in the Territory if you want to go into the more remote places of the Yukon. We're happy to coordinate your transportation. Please contact us for prices and schedules.

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The following articles are availble in combination with canoe rental and transportation. Since we only carry a limited number of each item, we ask you to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

  1 week
Tent / 2 People $80
Axe/Shovel/Saw $16
Tarp $16
Bear spray $15
Kitchen set - stove $25
Kitchen set - campfire $32
Eating set (per person) $13
** 1 Burner stove $25
** 2 Burner stove $38
Water tight (and bear proof) barrel $16
Water container $10

** Without fuel

||Don't hesitate to ask us for a personal quote on equipment rental packages in combination with canoe rental and transportation.||

Note: All prices are in Canadian Dollar and subject to GST


We have the special equipment availble for guest on our guided hiking trips. Lightweight tents, dry bags and  bear-resistant containers. We carry a limited amount of this special lightweight equipment. To avoid disappointment please book as early as possible. Ask us for details and prices.

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Since you will be away several days of traveling from inhabited areas for extended periods of time we strongly suggest you plan your trip well in advance. If you have no or very little experience traveling and living in remote areas we would like to suggest one of the guided adventures of Nature Tours of Yukon.
Plan carefully and take enough food on your trip. On most rivers there is no place to restock your larder once you have started your trip. At the same time choose your equipment carefully.
Makes sure you gather all the information about the laws of Yukon Territory and observe all of these laws. If you plan to fish or hunt, but also regarding the environment there are laws you must obey at all times. You will receive the most important regulations when you sign up with us.

Nature Tours of Yukon promotes responsible, low impact, wilderness travel and we would like to help you to do the same. We invite you to review our information about Leave-no-Trace camping.

Please inquire about the difficulty of the river you have selected for your adventure. Use good judgment concerning your paddling skills, your wilderness experience and knowledge of wildrness rivers in remote areas. For more information read our page about wilderness saftey .

We assume no responsibility whatsoever and refuse any liability for damages to the equipment, loss of equipment, injuries or even worse! You are solely responsible for all your actions when using rented equipment from Nature Tours of Yukon.

Expedition Support Service: 
Do you have questions about logistics, equipment and routes in Yukon and Alaska? We provide you with detailed information about the area and recommended equipment. Send us an e-mail if you're planning a self-guided adventure.

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  • The renter is fully responsible and liable for the rented equipment during the agreed rental period. Replacement costs will be charged to the renter in case a rented item has to be replaced because of loss or irreparable damage.
  • Nature Tours of Yukon provides well-maintained and clean equipment for rent. We expect the renter to return the rented equipment clean and in good condition.  
  • Nature Tours of Yukon requires a refundable security deposit (credit card) in advance. The deposit will be refunded to the renter if the rental equipment is returned to Nature Tours of Yukon in satisfactory condition.
  • Nature Tours of Yukon requires full payment in advance for rental of equipment. A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required to guarantee your reservation. All rates are quoted in Canadian dollars. Please add 5% GST (Goods and Services Tax) to all rates.
  • Nature Tours of Yukon requires the renters to sign a waiver to hold Nature Tours of Yukon harmless for any loss of equipment, injuries sustained during the trip and also to agree to pay for any search and rescue missions deemed necessary by Nature Tours of Yukon.

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