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Yukon Office:
E-mail: or use the form on this page.
Phone: 867.660.5050
Winter Office hours (September 1 - June 15): 
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  9.30 am - 1.00 pm (YST)
Summer Office hours (June 16 - August 31):
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  9.30 am - 4.30 pm (YST)

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At Nature Tours of Yukon we pride ourselves in delivering a high standard of service and safety.

-Safety measures and operational plan are in place. -Please bring your own face mask (required).
Measures might change depending on the recommendations by the Yukon Chief Medical Officer of Health.


Nature Tours of Yukon is a booking agent for Air North, Yukon's Airline.
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The Program You Can Trust.
Tour operators with tours in the Canadian Signature Experience Collection are vetted by Destination Canada and Yukon Tourism along strict quality criteria, so you can be confident you're getting experiences that are uniquely Yukon.
You can trust the operator to deliver, whenever you see the Canadian Signature Experience logo on their site.


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