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Under The Northern Light

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Wach the trailer of the new "The Call Of The Wild"
The epic Yukon story by Jack London, filmed in Dawson City.

November 29, 2017

Nature Tours of Yukon’s Arctic Circle Tour is a Canadian Signature Experience.

On Thursday, November 29, 2017 Destination Canada announced that Nature Tours of Yukon’s Arctic Circle Tour is now a part of the Canadian Signature Experiences Collection.
The Canadian Signature Experiences Collection offers an introduction to the best Canada has to offer. It’s showcasing the hard work and dedication of people who want to share what makes Canada unique.

Nature Tours of Yukon is proud to offer this unique -Larger than Life- Canadian Signature Experience at the Arctic Circle. We are excited to share our love for winter wonderland Yukon with its vast wilderness, breathtaking vistas and amazing people with the rest of the world.

The team at Nature Tours of Yukon would like to thank Yukon’s Department of Culture & Tourism and Destination Canada for the advice and help we received to get our Arctic Circle Tour ready for this next level.

Nature Tours of Yukon's Arctic Circle Tour is a Canadian Signature Experience

Lesen Sie den Artikel in der Rhein-Neckar Zeitung von Corinna Streng.
Corinna war mit uns auf eine Kanu-tour auf den Yukon River.

Kanuwandern am Yukon River

canoe trips in Yukon Canada with Nature Tours of Yukon

Time for a confession.
We hate to admit it, but it could be raining during your trip in Yukon, and it can be wet and cold. Yes, even in July!
But the landscape will still be beautiful, your guide will still be amazing and it will still be your awesomenesst adventure ever.
Even a rainy day can be a beautiful day in Yukon. We promise!

Here is a short video about paddling in Yukon (facebook)  (or YouTube)
Video Teslin River

Impressions from the Arctic Discovery Tour.
Our roving reporter Josi is keeping us updated on her adventure into the big white north.

February 9, 2017: You want ice with that view?Arctic ocean - ice road | Nature Tours of Yukon |

We’re on the ice road to Tuk! Amazingly the ice is up to 1.5 meters thick. When a semi-truck passes, you hear the ice protest with eerie squeaks and rumbles, you even can feel the ice move under your feet.

As the shore line recedes into the distance, thoughts of the Arctic explorers of yesteryears come to mind. You know Mother Nature is in charge here, and I feel very small in a big, big frozen world. Our nice warm car feels like a tiny lifeboat in this enormous white expanse.
In Tuk we meet up with one of the locals to show us around the village. Yesterday’s snowstorm has dumped an impressive amount of snow, and people are tunneling out to freedom as we drive pass..

Then we’re off onto the ice again. This ice road is not for the fainthearted, and I’m glad we have an experienced “ice road warrior” at the wheel to guide us safely back to civilisation.
Man, oh man, the stories I have to tell when I get back home.

February 8, 2017  The ice beneath our weels.Ice road Aklavik - Arctic Canada - Nature Tours of Yukon

The ice road to Tuk disappeared out of sight due to a full blown snowstorm; no way could we drive there today. So Karine, our guide, decided to veer to the left, onto the ice road to Aklavik. It’s hard to find the words that do this experience justice.....driving on a river of ice for more than 120 kilometer is AWESOME!

Aklavik is not more than a couple of houses huddled together on the shore of the river. But it has one claim to fame that is worth the journey: Aklavik was where the last gunfight of the legendary hunt for the mad trapper was played out, and the last resting place of said mad trapper. “The Arctic trails have their secret tales. That would make your blood run cold” as Robert Service’s poem goes.
I’m looking forward to explore the ice road to Tuk tomorrow, as I cannot wait to stand on the ARCTIC OCEAN. (insert a WhoopWhoop and fist pump here.)

February 7, 2017 Across the dotted line.Arctic Circle -Canada - Yukon - Nature Tours of Yukon

After an amazing night, with the sky ablaze with twinkling stars and Northern Lights, and with a hearty breakfast in our tummies, we were off to the Arctic Circle. Alas; the dotted line was hidden under a thick pack of snow, but the breathtaking views of the never ending mountain ranges made up for that.

We kept driving north, and the “larger than life” theme got to a -very-very-much-more-than-larger-than-life stage real quick. Once through the last mountain pass, where the wind almost blew us out of our parkas, -apt named Hurricane Alley- we descended into Mackenzie River valley.

Here we had a tiny little taste of what lies ahead tomorrow. We drove over the ice of two big ass rivers. Apparently that’s called an ice bridge, and no; they did not build a bridge from ice blocks like you would build an ice hotel; it’s just a very sturdy sheet of ice that will support the weight of a large semi-truck.
Stay tuned for more icy adventures, folks!

February 6, 2017: Lost for words.
Arctic Discovery Tour - Photography safari into the Arctic

Today was our first day on the Dempster Highway and we saw indeed what all the fuss is about. Let me tell you that “Yukon; Larger than life” is an understatement. This land is much, much more than “larger than life” We were not only amazed;. It was breathtaking. It was…. Well, actually there are no words to do this land justice. -Lost for words- .

February 6, 2017: Sunrise in Dawson City.Arctic Discovery Tour - Nature Tours of Yukon- Dawson City

After visiting Diamond Tooth Gertie’s and getting up close and personal with the famous sour toe cocktail last night, our small band of Arctic explorers is ready to leave civilisation behind.
We'll be driving the Dempster Highway and get to see what all the fuss is about. Time to experience firsthand why they call Yukon “larger than life”
We are prepared to be amazed.

February 5, 2017: White is today’s favorite colourArctic Discovery Tour- Klondike Highway

The drive from Whitehorse to Dawson shows us already that tiny glimpse of awesomeness that lies ahead to our way to the Arctic.
Snow covered road, snow covered trees, snow covered mountains and ice covered rivers. And a highway lodge snuggled beneath its white blanket, sleeping and waiting for the warm, endless summer days that will come along eventually. Life slows down significantly in the deepfreeze.

December 21, 2016

nature tours of yukon - pinterest

December 10, 2016

nature tours of yukon | Arctic Discovery Tour

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph are on a pre-Christmas spa day.  — at North Pole

February 2, 2015
Another taste of summer fun.
Watch this funny video about canoeing on the Yukon River and a run through Miles Canyon.

Yukon River | canoe trip
Click on this and find out about Nature Tours of Yukon's Yukon River canoe trip

January 30, 2015
-37c today! Just to remind everyone:
Watch this video to remind you that summer looks like THIS! Enjoy!

youtube - Nature Tours of Yukon

December 25, 2014
A beautiful Christmas day in Yukon. At night the northern lights - aurora borealis were putting on a great show.
This was the ultimate Christmas experience!

yukon winter - canada

January 9, 2014

Even Santa’s reindeer come visit Yukon to relax after a busy holiday season.
These guys were wandering around Nature Tours of Yukon’s HQ today.

caribou - nature tours of Yukon

August 07, 2013
Summer is in full swing, temperatures are around 25 C. Life is sweet!
But summer is short here and soon the Northern Lights will return to the Yukon sky and the Autumn will paint the mountains in fiery colours. Lakes and rivers will sparkle and reflect the mountains in their last salute to summer.

You're invited to Mother Nature's spectacular fare-well to summer.
Visit Yukon at this unique time of the year, that brings together 2 of the most spectacular phenomena in nature: The Aurora Borealis and Indian Summer. Don't miss out on this colour extravaganza; it only lasts for a very short time in Yukon.

Aurora and Autumn in Yukon Canada

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights in Yukon, Canada is without a doubt a phenomenon that nature has so generously bestowed upon us, and thousands of people every year make the trek to the Yukon to see this dazzling display of magical lights. In fact, at Nature Tours of Yukon, our guests by and large come to Whitehorse to take part in a Northern Lights tour that will likely render them speechless. If you would get a thrill out of experiencing the razzle-dazzle of the Aurora Borealis firsthand, we would be just as thrilled to help you plan a customized trip.

You may have heard about the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, or perhaps even seen some captivating pictures of the Northern Lights in books. We assure you that these photos you may have seen can in no way compare to actually viewing the Aurora Borealis in person. The magnetic pull of the dancing lights in the midnight sky will lock your eyes in the upwards position, as you will not want to blink for fear of missing one moment of such exquisite natural beauty. The Northern Lights have been inspiring people around the world for centuries, simply because they are so wondrously captivating and magical, that no man-made display of lights could ever match their twinkling beauty and grace.

Lose yourself in the Aurora Borealis. Could you use a little rest and relaxation? Perhaps you could use a little reprieve from the high-tech world we live in for some quiet solitude out in the Canadian Yukon. Imagine sitting in a heated tent surrounded by pristine wilderness, with the Northern Lights being the only illumination around you. If you long for some peace and quiet let the sparkling lights of the Aurora Borealis transport you to that place in your heart and mind that feels content just being the observer.

There is nothing for you to do but simply enjoy the natural fireworks display of the Aurora Borealis. You and your fellow travelers can enjoy some hot chocolate and good conversation, from the comfort of a heated tent or cabin, without any ‘To Do’ lists to worry about or errands to run or people to call. When you take a Northern Lights adventure tour with us, you can check your responsibilities at the door and allow the natural beauty of the landscape to envelop you and intoxicate your senses.

aurora borealis yukon

une 21 2013

The summer solstice! Wow, the midnight sun is out and it's an amazing feeling, sitting outside at 1 AM and be able to read a book. 

There are strange things done under the midnight sun...

Not that I am able to sit down. Still cleaning up the gear after a very busy week.
The big thing this week was the group of 54 Polish bank managers. This was the logistical highlight of the whole summer season. The team here at Nature Tours of Yukon made an amazing good job of it. Also our partners in this logistical square dance were awesome!
I'd like to thank Alpine Aviation, Black Sheep Aviation, Atlin Air, Cathers Wilderness Adventures, Up North Adventures, Standard School busses, Takhini Hotsprings and High Country Inn for their cooperation in this epic undertaking. Well done!

Some figures:

  • 4 powerboats,
  • 3 school busses,
  • 6 float planes,
  • 3 vans,
  • 3 trucks,
  • 30 tents,
  • 15 canoes
  • 30 life vests
  • endless amounts of rope
  • a mount of toilet paper
  • 40 paddles
  • 60 sleeping bags,
  • 150 elk / blueberry sausages,
  • lots (and I mean LOTS) of food
  • 12 guides

Robert Service
The Spell of the Yukon

I wanted the gold, and I sought it;
   I scrabbled and mucked like a slave.
Was it famine or scurvy – I fought it;
   I hurled my youth into a grave.
I wanted the gold, and I got it –
   Came out with a fortune last fall, -
Yet somehow life’s not what I thought it,
   And somehow the gold isn’t all.

No! There's the land. (Have you seen it?)
   Its’ the cussedest land that I know,
From the biggest, screen mountains that screen it
   To the deep, deathlike valley below.
Some say God was tired when He made it;
   Some say it’s a fine land to shun;
Maybe, but there’s some as would trade it
   For no land on earth – and I’m one.

You come to get rich (dammed good reason);
   You feel like an exile at first;
You hate it like hell for a season,
   And then you are worse than worst.
It grips you like some kind of sinning;
   It twists you from foe to a friend;
It seems it’s been since the beginning;
   It seems it will be to the end.

I’ve stood in some mighty-mouthed hollow  
   That’s plump-full of hush to the brim;
I’ve watched the big husky sun wallow
   In crimson and gold, and grow dim,
Till the moon set the pearly peaks gleaming,
   And the stars tumbled out, neck and crop;
And I’ve thought that I surely was dreaming,
   With the peace o’ the world piled on top.

There’s a land where the mountains are nameless,
   And the rivers all run God knows where;
There are lives that are erring and nameless,
   And deaths that just hang by a hair;
There are hardship that nobody recons;
   There are valleys unpeopled and still;
There’s land – oh, it beckons and beckons,
And I want go back – and I will.

They’re making my money diminish;
   I’m sick of the taste of champagne.
Thank God, when I’m skinned to a finish
   I’ll pike to the Yukon again.
I’ll fight – and you bet it’s no shame-fight;
   Its hell, but I’ve been there before;
And it’s better than this by a damsite –
   So me for the Yukon once more.

There’s gold, and it’s haunting and haunting;
   It’s luring me on as of old;
Yet it’s not the gold that I’m wanting
   So much as just finding the gold.
It’s the great, big, broad land ‘way up yonder,
   It’s the forests where silence has lease;
It’s the beauty that thrills me with wonder,
   It’s the stillness that fills me with peace.

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