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We never have and never will use disposable tableware and single-use plastics. We repack all the food in re-usable packaging / containers, in order to reduce the waste we have to pack out.  We will pack out everything we bring, (yes; even used toilet paper!) and sometimes even clean up camps and take out waste that other people left behind.

The meals for our backpacking trips are prepared and dehydrate at home from fresh ingredients; no Backpackers Pantry or Mountain House on our trips!  On river trips we prepare meals using as many fresh ingredients as possible. Long before their arrival we ask our clients about their food preferences so we can select what we put in our meals with care. As a result, we can minimise the waste of food and ensure we have the best quality food possible. At Nature Tours of Yukon we have proved since 1993 that during a wilderness trip you can have very good food and enjoy delicious meals.

Food Preference Form.
(Fillable when opened in Adobe Acrobat)

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