Arctic Tours Canada - Ice roads & Arctic Circle
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Be part of an elite group; explore the Arctic with us!
This is your chance to test the ice.

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Aurora Borealis Yukon- Northern Lghts tours
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The Northern Lights light up the Yukon sky.
Don't miss out on this magical experience.

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grizzly bear Yukon. Hike and backpacking adventures
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Discover you inner grizzly and explore your
wild side. 

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Arctic Circle in Yukon
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Be on top of the world in the Arctic.
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Chilkoot Trail in Alaska
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A trek over the Chilkoot Trail is something
you'll not soon forget.

More about the Chilkoot Trail in Alaska

canoeing the Yukon River
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It does not get much better than this.
Picture yourself here!

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Mush on !!!!!
The ultimate Yukon experience.

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Nature Tours of Yukon

What would it be like, hiking up to the Chilkoot Pass and seeing the relics of the Klondike Gold Rush?

How would you feel, when you cross the Arctic Circle on a crisp, sunny winter’s day?

Picture yourself sitting at the campfire under the Northern Lights, contemplating the great day you had dog sledding in winter wonderland... 

With Nature Tours of Yukon dreams do come true!

yukon summer tours; canoeing, hiking, gold panning, Arctic Circle.
Find your Yukon summer dream right here. Hike the Chilkoot Trail, canoe the Yukon rivers, gold panning and road trips to the Arctic. Adventure awaits!
Arctic Tours Yukon - Canada -  ice roads &  Arctci Circle
Be an arctic explorer and find out what it feels like to be a dog musher or ice road trucker. Yukon winters provide amazing adventures!
Aurora Borealis Yukon / northern lights
Discover the magic of Yukon's Northern Lights. See the Aurora Borealis dance in the star-filled night. An experience that leaves you in awe!